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Brand to Watch: NEUW Denim

Certain things are bound to be good when combined. Old and new. Rock and roll. Like Australian brand collection of mens/womens apparel, heavy on denim, Neuw. Founded by three friends Swede Par Lundqvist and Australians Stephen Little and Richard Bell who shares the same motivation in creating a premium quality denim brand. Neuw’s design concept is inspired by Par’s personal vintage denim collection. He re-cuts, darts, repairs, and recreates the denim to give them the right fit. This intricate process is what they callĀ  the “Vintage Revision.” Every Neuw jean goes through this process of adaptation and evolution from its original vintage state to give every denim its own unique style and fit.

Since launching in early 2010, flagship store in Melbourne, Australia and stockists through out New Zealand, and Scandinavia, Neuw denim has yet to debut in U.S. market this Spring and the good news is, Villains San Francisco will be one of a very limited number of stores to carry their combination of perfect cut and fit of custom made jeans. We are very excited to carry a premium quality and independent brand that celebrates passion and creativity.


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